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    iOS 5 beta.... about UDID
    I have a question about the UDID and the term of "Brick".... Let says that I pay for some one to put my UDID on there developer team so I can install the IOS5 on my iphone or ipad.... and them he turns out he is legit an I able to install the iOS5 beta 2 on one of my devices.... what happen if he them remove my UDID from his dev account ? what will happen to my device ?? it will brick ? or what ? and I still be able to installing new betas of the iOS5 ? or not?....

    Them what it exactly does "brick" means ? It means that I will never be able to use my iphone or ipad ever again ? and how can I brick my iPhone or iPad ?

    I know that it is a lot of question BUT I will really appreciate it if you could answer me all my question... because I'm about to pay someone to put my UDID on there account so I can access to the iOS5 beta 2...


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    I would suggest you wait for the real iOS 5 like the rest of us mere mortals.

    Then you won't have any concerns about all these "what if" scenarios.
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    i would just wait the betas are for developers to have a look for errors so it can be fixed so i dont really know why you would want a testing ios that isnt up to scratch. I also heard it eats the battery and crashes alot

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    <rant>Whatever happened to patience? When I was a kid I wanted xmas to come more quickly but I didn't pay some guy to change the calendar. I waited.

    It's not like iOS 5 is a year away, for pity's sake, it's probably less than 10 weeks away. Just enjoy iOS 4 -- which is completely awesome I might add -- and wait like the rest of us. A bricked iPhone isn't worth it. </rant>

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    Don't mean to offend you but paying someone to get iOS 5 is probably one of the dumbest moves you can make. How do you know he is going to put you on the developer team after he's taken your money? I'm sure taking payment to offer the beta is against Apple's terms and conditions.

    There is a reason Apple have not released it yet. It's BETA! It will more than likely have several bugs that need to be ironed out, battery life will probably be poorer, and finally you may find a lot of your apps do not work. It is not a stable release. You will be making your iOS device worse by installing it.

    Also have you seen some of the App store reviews? Plenty of other people have thought they were being clever by installing iOS 5 beta and then complained and give poor reviews to apps that don't run on iOS 5 when its not even out yet.

    I think people should understand what a beta is before they consider doing something so daft. Also as chas_m points out, what has happened to patience?

    [End of rant]

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    If you are dead set on trying iOS5 and are willing to part company for the privelige, why not buy into the Apple Developer Program?

    $99 and you'll have access to all the betas (iOS, iTunes etc) for a whole year.

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