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    New iDevice issues
    Hello all,

    This evening I purchased an iPhone 4 from Verizon. I have a 4th gen iPod as well, and all of my apps are there. The plan was to move all my apps to the iPhone and start using the iPod for just music.

    I've more or less got everything set up, I think, apps are on the phone, my contacts are there, I set up e-mail and find my iphone...but I do have one problem.

    None of my app data seems to have transferred.

    To elaborate: there's no save data in things like games. For example, let's look at Angry Birds. I have beaten every level and purchased the Mighty Eagle. However, when I open the app on my iPhone, it's as if I have just purchased the app. The Mighty Eagle does not show up as purchased and it does not recognize that I have beaten any level. I have looked at other games (Doodle Jump, Amateur Surgeon, Inception, ect) and no save data, high scores, or progress have transferred from the iPod to the iPhone.

    I still have all the apps on my iPod, thankfully, so all the data is still there. I assumed game progress backed up when I synced my iPod, but now that it hasn't transferred, I am unsure.

    What can I do to get all the apps that are now on my iPhone to be in the same state they're currently at on my iPod?

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    just analyse the content from your iphone and ipod touch over iphone explorer (just google). than copy the difference of the contents between those from the ipod the iphone.
    this must hopefully work, i just played my stats back when i changed from ipod to iphone, it's easier but takes longer, just do what you think is better

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