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    Ipad 2 Calendar missing appointments using exchange
    I have a user that has an iphone, and ipad 2. he is having trouble with his ipad 2 syncing all the correct information in his calendar the iPhone works fine. i checked the settings and both are setup exactly the same. if i delete the calendar on the ipad and re-add it then pulls all the correct appointments. any ideas?



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    What is the version of Exchange? 2003 exchange seemed to have more problems with calendaring for me than the 2007 version.

    If you delete the calendar, and re-add it - and it works, then what is the problem? Does it loose sync again at some later point?

    Are there any settings on iTunes that may interfere with the syncing - that is iTunes also has checkboxes to sync with Outlook - but you usually don't want to check those as you sync with Exchange over the air. Do all the iTunes settings match?

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