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    Note taking app for college
    I've only used my iPad for one summer class thus far, and I've been using the free version of PaperDesk. It's halfway decent, but I feel that there are many better options out there.

    I think notability looks like a great app for all-around note taking. However, as a Spanish minor, I'm also looking for an app that I can handwrite notes on, and is also very organization-oriented. Two of the apps I'm looking at are notes plus and note taker hd. What sort of organizing do these two apps allow you to do? Which one will better allow me to sort notes into different folders for each class? Also, is there a note-taking app that makes taking notes in Spanish very simple and easy?

    I will probably go with notability and one of the other two mentioned apps, but I am very open to other suggestions as well suggestions


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