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    Whatsapp Messenger on IPhone4 "no popup"
    Hello Apple-Community

    My sister bought a IPhone4 yesterday and helped her install the apps etc... all worked fine. Only that she doesn't get the popup when receives a message on what'sup. We checked the settings and compared them on my IPhone 3Gs and are identical - still the messages don't popup like the sms on the screen.

    Does anybody know how one can solve the issue?

    Thanks in advanced.


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    Has she confirmed her number via the SMS confirmation code they send you? Is the phone activated normally, or was it "hacktivated", in which case push notifications may not work.

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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    Thank you Aptmunich,

    the Phone is original, was installed and got the code, all works!
    As far I checked the push notification is active and setting same like my phone too..

    Yes, it was turned off and on... but it didn't change!!

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