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    Hi folks, I am looking for advice on the following piece of software or app.

    I currently use the following in conjunction with MobileMe in order to keep my diaries in sync.

    IPhone 4 / MBP / iPad2

    If any appointment changes in the studio it is automatically pushed to the other devices etc so everything is up to date at all times.

    The problem I am having is that when my wedding clients come to the studio I take notes in a paper diary which then means I have to make sure I always carry the paper diary too.

    Can anyone offer advice or software that will allow me to have these notes and put them into eletroni form via the meetings I have Whig will then be able to attach to the date on the calendar whether it be via iCal or MobileMe calendar etc.

    I hope the above makes sense ???

    Basically I want to keep appointment notes linked to the diary so that I don't need to keep a paper one where's I always have my iPad or my MBP nearby?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Evernote is magic for taking notes. Multi-platform, and web accessible. Can even take pictures of written notes, signs, tickets, etc and it makes them searchable.

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    Hi there thanks for the recommendation. I downloaded it from App Store and will have a play around with it.

    To make it cleared though for example, wedding client just left studio. I have the appointment for the wedding date in iCal, and in the notes section I have some brief notes. What I want to be able to do is add a file, say Word that I can press and the notes are loaded up.

    I also not that there is an URL option in the iCal appointment tab, but my iPad isn't 3G enabled therefore that's not an option.

    Is my requests a possibility?

    The iPad is purely here for a mobile electronic organiser as such, but with a hope to replace my paper diary due to the syncing abilities of the apple products I have.

    Thanks again, off to play around with EverNote !

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