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Thread: Is there ANY WAY POSSIBLE for iPad to play flash?

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    Revisiting the age-old topic - Flash on an iPhone or iPad - with a relatively new app
    I tried iswifter but it seems you have to buy stuff in-app to make anything work. I'd like to hear a better review of anyone that has bought any in-app purchases to see if it is worth it. When I tried the demo - I was never fast enough to get anywhere before it dumped me back to the intro screen.

    I grabbed skyfire for the iPhone and it seems to work pretty well for flash video. It seems to have problems rendering flash sites. Mountain bike makers - Kona and Santa Cruz - both use flash for their sites and it seems to render the Santa Cruz site poorly. It also doesn't seem to handle the Oakley site either.
    Santa Cruz Bicycles
    Sunglasses, Goggles, and Apparel - Oakley Official Site.
    But trying to watch flash video like from worked OK
    Contour | GPS Video Camera, HD Helmet Camera, and Video Community
    Unfortunately it isn't universal so you'd have to buy it for the iPhone and the iPad.

    I have also tried out Puffin.
    App Store - Puffin Web Browser
    Seems to render Santa Cruz correctly but when I tried flash video from contour the app crashed on the iPhone. It is universal. It does seem to render the above sites better - but as stated before - flash isn't really optimized for a touch interface. For example - the Oakley custom sunglass builder expects some kind of scroll wheel or click and hold mouse ability to move through the flash choices - there is no way to do that on an iOS device.

    Anyway - in a pinch - you can use Skyfire to watch flash video on your iOS device, and Puffin to actually go look at full flash websites. Niether are fast and you may run into interface issues but I believe that is more of flash expecting a mouse/keyboard instead of a touchscreen.

    And I agree - in a perfect world everyone would already be at html5 and I wouldn't have to kill my battery using Flash - but for now the combination of Puffin and Skyfire cover most of my needs for Flash on an iOS device.

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    Is it obligatory that you jailbreak your iPhone before you can use one of these flash applications?

    I am not a fan of jailbreaking...
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    No Puffin, Skyfire, iSwifter are all official App Store approved apps.

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    photon browser does perfect flash.

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