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    Flash cards saving ?
    hi there!

    i own a iPod touch 3rd generation 32 GB with LEGAL soft!

    i got a great flash card app off iTunes (the one with cards where you write on both sides and you can test yourself for various stuff aka foreign languages etc)

    anyway, since i got this flash card app, i made some decks with quite many flash cards (i m learning german, russian, spanish, italian and japanese alone)

    i got lots of decks with various categories (pronouns, vocabulary etc etc)

    anyway, i was wondering - if my ipod was to be damaged / destroyed etc etc, the back up feature from iTunes --- does it also restore the CONTENT of the flash card app ? ...does it also save the flash cards, so if i were to authorize a new ipod, i could find them again on the new ipod ?

    (same question for an app that holds PDFs documents ..... the backup saves the documents themselves too?)

    ...or the back up saves just the app, but without content?

    thank you

    so one mention jailbreak ok ?
    if you do , sure to get ignore

    legal soft discussion only!

    thank you

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    Actually jailbreaking is legal. Anyway, no it will not hold that specific information. I know this because I've lost my game saves in Angry Birds a few times (same idea.) There are applications out there that can backup the more specific data you want but given your nervousness at anything "not legal soft" I don't think you want to try a 3rd party app.

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    For specific backup and restores like you're talking about and all the work it sounds like you've put into that app, you might want to take a look at Phoneview.
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