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    Hi boys..

    in apple developers forum i read that only learning objectiv-c and Xcode and Iphone sdk is enough to making apps for iOS is this true???

    did learning Objectiv-c and xcode and iphone SDK is enough to make apps for iphone???
    If learn Objectiv-c and Xcode and Iphone SDK very well..will i be able to develop iphone apps if i don't learn myself C and C++?????
    ...i mean can i neglect C and C++

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    Yes, if you learn objective-c and Xcode, and I repeat, just objective-c and Xcode you should be able to make apps for iOS. You'll, of course, need to learn the Cocoa Touch framework as well, but that's just objective-c, and you, of course, will have learned objective-c and xcode, so that should be no problem.

    So, in summary, you'll need to learn objective-c and Xcode to program apps for iOS, knowing/learning C and C++ wouldn't help. Just objective-c and Xcode..


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