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Thread: MobileMe difficulties

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    MobileMe difficulties

    I would like to get my calendars in sync now i have started the MobileMe trail. The Calendar i use the most is on my iPad but the MobileMe website seems to have just synced my iPhone calendar.

    How can i make my iPad calendar the default calendar to appear on the web page from which i can then sync my other devices from?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Note: I moved your thread from our "off-topic" forum as it seems like this is related to iPad syncing (we have a forum specifically for just that). Posting to the right forum will help you to get more relevant and faster responses.
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    Have you done this:

    1. Connect the iPad to the computer.
    2. Open iTunes if it doesn't open automatically.
    3. Click on the iPad in the "Devices" list to see its status page.
    4. Click on the "info" tab and scroll ALL the way down. You should find the settings for calendar syncing, and adjust them as appropriate.

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    You sure you have your calendar set to on in your setting on your iPad I just double checked how mine works and I can add events on my computer iPad and iPhone and they all sync together. Chas_m might be right to add your calendar in ituns on your computer I was just adding to check to make sure your calendar sync is set to on because mine wasn't by default.
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