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    is it safe to buy another ipad 2?
    I bought an ipad 2 a few days after it came out, and it had the infamous light bleed issue, so I returned it. I've been waiting to buy another one until I can be reasonably sure that it won't have the same issues.

    I recently heard that LG is to blame, and that apple has switched their screen provider from LG to Samsung. Is this true? and is the problem fixed? Is it safe for me to get another ipad?

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    I've also read about the change in iPad screens recently. Since you can always return it if there is a problem, there's no harm in buying one now to see if it's been resolved.
    I remember reading that the light bleed issue went away on its own after a while, but maybe not for everyone. ??
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    I bought one of the later editions of the iPad and and got if from the local store. I've experience no bleeding whatsoever or any other problems except a strange flash occasionally when I go from a program back to the home screen. I have no idea what that's about, but it hasn't had any negative impact on the iPad2
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    I bought the second one with a gift card that I was suckered into getting for the original instead of getting my money back. Can I still return the second one if it has a problem even though I used a gift card?

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    I don't know if the light bleed through was really that big of a epidemic I know there were numerous post about it but there were also an awful lot of iPads sold without issue. I have had mine since a couple weeks after launch and have had no bleed through. I think u will be fine and I think if u use a gift card there gonna give u a gift card in return but I'm sure if you explained the situation and had your original return receipt from the first iPad2 they would return you money.
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    I'd also love to know when these new Samsung-display iPad 2s will begin shipping; the amount of light bleed on my iPad is ridiculous; there are numerous spots on the left, bottom, top, and right of the screen that bleed through (some are larger than others, but they're there.)

    I'm not interested so much in returning the iPad as I am in exchanging it so I've held onto it--it's still usable, just irritating to spend $650 and have this type of issue.

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