This is the second iPod. Apple Store replaced the first one for the exact same problem. Background: I have owned an iPhone and loved it, then retired and decided the iPod would suite my usage just fine. Within a few weeks something weird happed. When I was at church and not anywhere near my wifi and not logged in to any other wifi my iPod gets hot in my shirt pocket. I took it out and tried to turn it on, but it wouldn't come up. It took almost 3 hours to completely recharge it at home. Something had sucked the battery dry! I chocked it up to aliens or sun bursts or??? Then a few weeks later I was in a public building, not on any wifi network and bang it starts again. This time I ran outside and put it in the car away from the building. When I got home and tethered to the computer it took awhile to recharge. I talked to Apply support and they said go into a Store. The Store clerk say, 'look you have to keep all your programs turned off and show me the double click trick.' Then he gives me a new iPod. Today I was in the same public building with all apps shut down and not on wifi. The iPod gets hot and the battery went completely dead in less than an hour. OK, you gurus out there, what gives? Anyone else experience this? Is it me or does Apple have a problem here?