My son bought an IPOD Touch. Worked great and very pleased.

On the weekend I tried to sync to my laptop. It said there was a new version of the IPOD software available - do you want to update - I said Yes ..... BIG MISTAKE!

The update failed and IPOD would no longer start.

Had to do a hard reboot and try restore - It failed with Unknown Error (9).

Tried everything.

3 different computers (XP, Vista, Win7), 3 different cables, Old ITunes version, Latest iTunes version, ports opened on firewall. Firewall disables completely, etc.. Always the same result.

Took to the Genius desk at Apple covent garden. They tried on their apple MACs. Failed - same message. They said "it must be a hardware issue with the USB connector on the bottom of the IPOD. Oh - and it is out of waranty by 100 days so we can offer you 10% off a new one or buy a reconditioned one for 75 . Have you thought about claiming on your house insurance"

I do not see how an IPOD that was working perfectly can get a hardware error by doing a software download form apple and applying a software update. Apple don't seem to think this is their fault.

Has anyone had this before and what did you do to get over it!!!