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Thread: ipod touch 4G; listening to and record'g radio?

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    ipod touch 4G; listening to and record'g radio?
    I just got (8 gb) the above yesterday for Mother's Day - quite a surprise!! My boys are very busy and don't help much with the details, unfortunately, but they know I can usually find info on my own. I had previously been planning on buying another popular brand that has a blt-in FM tuner which would allow me to record sound from that onto the player, which I wanted. (I'm not gonna be one that buys tons of music from Itunes.) I see the Touch doesn't have a blt-in fm or radio and therefore have spent all day perusing Amazon, reading reviews re: 3rd party hardware that provides an fm receiver for the Touch. What I can't find out, however, is if I can easily record the music that I'm listening to at that moment if I so choose using one of those. And if so, would the qlty. be okay? I was down to about 3 models when I came across the existance of the "Tune-In Radio" app, avail. through the Apple store. It appears this plays 1000s of radio channels and the app is $1.00 or something. If this is true, can I record from it AND WHY would anyone pay for an fm receiver and have to plug it in (as I was planning on doing) when a $1 app would provide even more choices for fm AND am? Am I, a newbie, confused here? (Yes, prob. so.) In any event, what would the best (but least expensive) method be to listen to fm/am AND be able to "push a record" button whenever I wanted to using the Touch??? Thanks so much. Oh, and what is "jailbroken"? Is it like hacking? Could that help me???

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