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    Ipad keeps losing network connection
    I have recently started having this problem....dont know if it occured after one of the updates or not...but it seems that I continually keep dropping the network connection and have to constantly go into the WiFi settings to renew the lease on the network......Has anyone else had this problem or is there a fix for this??? I have tried resetting the network settings numerous times...but no lasting fix there....I have changed channels on my wireless router help laptop does not seem to have this problem....dont know what else to do.....any help will be greatly appreciated as this is getting old.....thanx...Rich

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    I had a similar issue when i purchased my iPad (first gen) a few weeks ago

    No matter what changes i made to the router or resetting the network settings on the iPad, I still lost connectivity.

    I ended up just changing my router, I'm now using the D-Link Router DIR-825, and I've not had any issue at all - didn't have to reset/renew the iPad network settings at all since i've had the new router

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