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Thread: Iphoto backup

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    Iphoto backup
    I have noticed that after a recent backup of my iPhone 4, there is a "Photo Library" folder as well as the "Camera Roll" folder on my phone. I import photos from my phone to iPhoto on my Mac and I'm guessing that the "Photo Library" folder on my phone is syncing with iPhoto on my Mac. Is that the case?

    I'm also assuming that I can delete the contents of the "Camera Roll" folder after an iPhoto import and sync and my photos will still be in the "Photo Library Folder". Is that the case?

    I just don't want to delete and lose photos but I don't want them to be stored twice on my phone taking up memory.

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    Apr 23, 2011
    I have worked this out. I ran Image Capture on my Mac, downloaded all photos from camera roll and checked the box "Delete imported photos" (or something like that). It downloaded the photos from the camera roll folder and deleted them from my phone. The "Photo Library" folder on my phone was still intact.

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