(p.s - I'm not referring to playback position - I already have that enabled on MP3 audiobooks....)

I have a new Nano but I've had the same issue on my previous Ipod Video too.

If I charge my ipod using a wall charger, everything is fine.

If I plug it into the USB to my PC, and it syncs with iTunes (EVEN THOUGH I HAVE IT SET TO SYNC MUSIC MANUALLY), it ends up losing its place.

What I mean is, if I was listening to an MP3 audiobook that has numerous chapters (numerous MP3s), and pause it, and plug it into my PC - after I plug in into itunes I have no idea which MP3 I was listening to when I go to use my ipod again.

Where as if I pause the player and use a wall charger, the iPod is just where I left off when I use it again.

I know the "solution" is to just use a wall charger but that's not really a solution. Is there any way to stop this behavior when I connect it to my PC?