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Thread: how to close current app quickly on iphone 4

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    how to close current app quickly on iphone 4
    I would like to re-program the home button to close the current app when press and held down for about 3 seconds. Any idea?

    - I know about double clicking and holding down icons until they start to shake and then closing one by one. That is not what I am looking for.

    - I know about force-quit feature using a combination of sleep and home buttons that takes 10+ seconds. That is not what I am looking for.

    - I know that leaving apps open does not necessarily take up memory. I still need to close certain apps once I am done with them.

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    Sorry, Apple doesn't really provide much in the way of customizing your iPhone. You're stuck with the current way unless you jailbreak.

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    If you are jailbroken, I believe there is a app/tweak that allows you to end all of the running processes. I am not sure though.

    - Kyle

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    332 can program's in you're settings if you're jailbroken
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