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    Desktop Controlling From iPhone
    Hey, I'm looking at Jump Desktop for 19.99 and it looks good. However some questions on it. Will I be able to play online poker through my iPhone with it? Does my computer have to stay on to connect? And will it work for my Macbook?

    Thanks, please no degenerate gambling warning posts -_-, I play .01/.02 online for fun.

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    There are lots of programs that will allow you to control your Mac remotely from your iPhone. May I recommend that you try a free one before you resort to one that you have to pay for? Here is a favorite of mine:

    Telekinesis, a Google Code project, works well with Snow Leopard, and it's free.

    Basically it's a server application you download and run on your Mac. Then you connect to it using Safari on your mobile device; you don't need any other software.

    Once connected, which only requires entering https://your-mac's-address:5010, you can do the following:
    - View and manipulate your Mac's screen (similar to using a VNC client)
    - Take and immediately view pictures with your iSight camera on your Mac
    - Do spotlight searches on your Mac
    - Launch any application on your Mac.
    - Open any documents, like PDFs, that Safari can display. This also means you can open media files that will stream and play in Safari.
    - Other stuff: a remote that can run iTunes or whatever; run Terminal; run scripts (it accesses any scripts you have in ~/Library/Scripts.

    All in all, pretty handy. And did I say it was free?
    telekinesis - Remotely access your Mac through a collection of mini web apps on your phone - Google Project Hosting
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    Yes the client machine has to stay on.

    I recommend LogMeIn Ignition (a paid for iPhone app) used with a free LogMeIn account.

    I've also had go experience with TeamViewer.

    Both will allow you to do nearly everything you could do whilst sat in front of your machine. The only limitation is the speed of the connection so video and full screen intensive gaming (fps's etc) aren't really suitable remote desktop apps.

    You should be absolutely fine with online poker

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrplow View Post

    You should be absolutely fine with online poker
    So, you mean I could be playing full tilt whilst out and about and actually making some cash in my spare time?

    Plays ok over 3G?
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    Thanks, and what about using edge?

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    Edge would be like pulling teeth. Pretty much any data intensive app or even web browsing on Edge would be tough. I know when I drop to Edge on AT&T websites would barely work - I would doubt that any desktop controlling app would be usable at those speeds unless you were using a text based interface - and even then it would be a struggle.

    Same is true on 1xRTT - might as well drive there and do what you need - it would be quicker.

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