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Thread: Downloading files from the internet...

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    Downloading files from the internet...
    My wife is currently looking to get a new computer and is looking at the iPad. She goes to school online and the website works great on the iPad. However, her classes always have downloads for PDF, DOC, DOCX, and PPT files (especially Powerpoint files; her teacher use that format for lectures).

    I know you can save and open PDF files in iBooks, but how can you download and view the PPT and DOC files offline without using an external source such as a computer or dropbox? Is there an app that lets you do this?

    Please no ideas like "save them as images" or stuff like that. Most of these lectures are over 100 slides.

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    Have a look at the link i'm about to post, it's a little "showdown" of Office-like apps for the iPad for viewing just the kind of content you are looking at. You can then lookup and find the one that seems about right for the needs.

    iPad Office app showdown: Four apps to help you get work done | ZDNet

    Hope this helps

    - Simon

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    GoodReader is perhaps your best bet for downloading and viewing those files offline.

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    I have been using FileMagnet for my iPod Touch then my iPhone and now more recently on my iPad 2. Works great for storing and viewing PDF,s word files, excel files, etc. Looks really good on the iPad 2 also.

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