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Thread: Lost 40+ comics

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    Mar 17, 2011
    Lost 40+ comics
    I am really losing my faith in the stability of Apple products. Not only is it pointlessly difficult to sync to multiple devices, now that i have i have freakin lost 2 gigs worth of my comics that i put on it. Why is this crap happening? I sync to a new pc, i transferred all my apps over and hit yes to wipe. Everything appears to stay intact. I use the ipad, later that day i sync over 40+ comics to the ipad that i DO NOT have another copy of now. They worked fine, i opened them and looked through a couple. I turn the ipad off 3 days later and turn it back on and every stinking app on the ipad is gone. I go to open itunes and i get some stupid message about itunes missing required files to run. So i have to download itunes again and repair it. Then i get it back up and click on apps in itunes and all my apps are listed there so i have to go back through and recheck all the icons in the order i had them on the desktops i had them on, and when it gets all done, all my comics are just flat not there. Not happy at all, down right furious. This should not happen with something i forked out 500$ for

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    Can u re download the comic? I don't know I'm just askin. Really sorry to hear of your bad experience.
    60% of the time it works every time.

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    I actually got extremely lucky, the usb thumb drive which i "thought" i had deleted them from, luckily still had them on there, so im readding them all to the ipad now. But i still want to know why my device went from working perfectly, everything installed, synced to a new pc, to wiped, corrupted itunes, and everything deleted. Just makes no sense to me. Had the thing for a month and i've had more problems trying to make it run glitch free than i have had "error free time" Sometimes i download stuff and it hangs downloading on the ipad, then mysteriously later on its finished and there. And the fact that nothing shuts off when you exit is just poor design. Leave it on for a few hours you start to get memory error messages because every app you ever open stays open in memory unless you go through and purge them all hourly. I love the ipad for what it allows me to do, but the hassel i have to go through to do it could have been so much less....

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