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Thread: Gmail issue

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    Gmail issue
    I hope this is the correct Place to ask this question?

    My wife just lost all thru e-mail in her gmail account using her iPad 2. From what I know all she did was to hit then the delete key and poof all e-mail in all folders were gone.
    Question has this happened to any one else, like yesterday? I know gmail had some problems a month or two ago.

    Is there a issue on the iPad with gmail? Is there a fix for her problem?

    A search in google turned up mostly unusable stuff.

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    I have not had any issues with my iPad and Gmail. everything is Synced and no problems.

    Sorry I can be of any help...
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    Your wife's mail is probably still on the GMail server unless she deliberately deleted it from the server - which is unlikely. Just have her go the web account and move the mail from "read" to her inbox. Then she can download them again.

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    Mine does it makes a folder on gmail entitled deleted messages instead of moving it to the trash. try accessing it on a computer.

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