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    Transferring iPhone video to iPad

    I have taken video on my iPhone, put it into a folder in iPhoto and synched the folder to the iPad.

    But the folder is not appearing on the ipad in either photos or movies.

    Does anyone know what I can do to solve this?



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    have you tried selecting the including videos box in the top of the photos tab?
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    Just an extension of what @macwannabe said...

    When you plug the iPad into iTunes, go to the iPad on the left-hand side. Then choose the Photos tab and, as @macwannabe said, check the box to also include videos.
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    I struggled with that as well. The solution was in iTunes. Drag the video into iTunes movies and look on the menu items for making the video iPad compatible. Then synch. Sorry, but I am at work right now and cannot remember all the details off the top of my head. I will look again at what I did, but this much info may enable you to solve it yourself. I love my iPad, but they did not make transferring videos from camera or iPhone into iPad simple.

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    All sorted. Thanks. Hadn't ticked the box for videos.

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