hey folks, I just got an iPhone 4 as my 21st birthday gift and I was psyched as ****. i was itching to just jailbreak it and get all sorts of crazy apps. Plus i live in pakistan so i was thinking of unlocking it too. The thing is, the first time i turned my phone on it seemed to have been unlocked and jailbroken already. My friend pointed it out after seeing cydia on my phone (at this point i didnt know **** about jailbreaking and unlocking iphones). Knowing my iphone was jailbroken my friend told me to download installous 4.0 and i'd be able to download all sorts of apps directly on my iphone. My friend ended up downloading installous 4.0 on my iphone and installed it. After installing installous the phone asked to be rebooted, which i obviously allowed. After that reboot the phone was stuck on the apple logo for 2 days. So i read up online and decided to restore my iphone to 4.3 iOS, being scared that my iphone was bricked. Well, i was wrong about that, the phone works - its just stuck on the emergency call (which im guessing is because of it being locked). I know there is a tethered jail break for 4.3 iOS, but i dont choose to follow that. My question is there a way for me to downgrade to 4.2 iOS, knowing my iphone is stuck at the emergency call? Please any help will be appreciated. Im sorry im a complete noob at this, please i need some sort of direction.