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    Sync photos and vids iphone 3gs macbook pro
    I have a folder on my mac that I want to sync with my iphone and vice versa, how do I keep my photos and vids in sync with my iphone. Is there anyway to bluetooth yet on ios4.

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    Nobody know...???

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    Since no one else is answering, I'll give you a lousy answer. I don't know how to truly sync the two, but I do know that if you want to dump pictures/videos from your phone to the computer you can use the application "Image Capture." Just go to the spotlight search tool and type that in to find the app. Once there you should be able to locate your phone, and copy and paste the images/videos to a file on your computer.

    As I was typing that above paragraph I plugged in my phone to see what options iTunes give me. When you click on your phone in the left hand column, then click on the "Photos" option all the way to the right, you are given the option to sync photos and videos with iPhoto. Have you given that a shot?

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