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    Quote Originally Posted by chscag View Post
    Not unless Arkansas is on a different schedule for DST ending. It officially ends at 2:00 AM on Nov 6th.
    I think that I am the one on a different schedule. Actually, couldn't remember when it ends.
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    Quote Originally Posted by schweb View Post
    The biggest argument I heard for changing the time is in the winter months, moving the clock back an hour makes it lighter in the morning which is safer for kids walking to school.

    That was a huge part of the argument against expanding DST a few years ago.
    Works wonders up here where it's dark till 11:00 /sarcasm
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    I remember walking to work at the school store in the morning in junior high; I always had to walk to school in the dark. Wasn't that bad, kids need to deal!

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    Question I agree, DST SUCKS!
    I've read some comments about people having the normal issues; time goes back instead of forward; time changes by two hours instead of one; alarm doesn't work; have to reboot phone, etc, etc, etc.

    And yet, I'm having some unique issues altogether. The time changed fine early Sunday morning. No issues there. My alarm failed to work this morning. Disappointing but apparently par for the course on both the iPhone and with many others as well.

    Here's the strange thing; the time-stamp on my SMS messages are ahead by TWO hours? What is up with that?

    I've tried turning off "Set Automatically" which didn't work. I rebooted ans still, no correction.

    I'm on the TELUS network in Calgary (Mountain Time zone) using the iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3.

    Anyone else having this issue?
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    Just wondering, has this DST issue popped up again?

    I returned back in Europe recently after a business trip to Asia and my iPhone time is showing one hour less (i.e. DSY minus one hour) than it's supposed to be.

    I've enabled the "Set automatically" time zone support and it has been working okay before in Europe and in the Far East. Furthermore I've travelled through a few other European countries and in each country it's consistently showing DST -1 hour, regardless of the network provider...

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