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    Stopping a download
    I have tried several times to install the Solar System app on my iPad and it keeps failing. Despite the App Store saying it is 842MB, for which I have space, it keeps running out of space. It also takes hours to download. This suggests to me that the entry in the App Store is incorrect and this app is HUGE.

    Is there any way I can tell my iPad to stop trying to download the app please?

    It just keeps trying and failing, using up all the space on the iPad (which varies from about 1.5GB to under 1GB as it tries to download).

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    Turn wifi off on the iPad - download the app in iTunes and then sync the iPad.

    edit: I've had a couple of failed downloads on the iPad, but never had one continue trying after it failed. The above is what I did, except for turning wifi off, since they were not still attempting to download.

    edit2: If the app is that big, maybe it's downloaded as a zip file and if you only have 1GB free, you may not have room for it to download and unpack. Just grasping straws here.
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