Hi, I throw together a digital magazine each month in my spare time and was wondering what route I should/can take to get it on itunes/ipad?

Currently offer it as a free PDF download, or an 'animated' page flipper on Yudu.

Without spending 1000's is it possible to offer it as an ipad magazine, and where would I start?

Would it be easy enough to just somehow convert the PDF to an itunes friendly format (cbr?) and upload it as a magazine, or do I need to pay a developer (or learn to do it myself) to turn it into a simple app (with a few bells and whistles)?

Basically, going back to my earlier question - I just want to know if it is possible to get a magazine on itunes without spending a fortune. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, the Yudu version of my mag is at Read The Wrestling Press February 2011 Online Free | Sport | YUDU