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Thread: iPad question/message boards

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    Dec 09, 2010
    iPad question/message boards
    I wasn't sure where to put this, since my question doesn't seem to fit into any of the iPad catagories on the board

    What would be the reason for an iPad (or Touch, for that matter) not working with a message board? Foe example- I can post to a few message boards that i frequent on my Touch...But when I go to a particular board, the keyboard does NOT appear.

    I am looking at an iPad for portability rather than a notebook, cause my most use with my lap top was simply email, web surfing, message board posting. But I NEED to be able to post to my class message boards. I cant on the Touch- do ya think I'll be able to on the iPad?

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    May 25, 2010
    As far as I know from my iPad, whenever you touch into a text-box area, the keyboard always comes up....I don't see any reason why your school message boards would be different.

    But, if you're THAT worried about your school message boards working, simply go to an Apple store and get on an iPad and go to your school message boards and see if it works.
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    I have found that in some text boxes, you have to touch the upper left corner... where the text would begin.

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    I was having a similar issue with this forum and other browsers. Try this suggestion from Bob - one of the Mods - he said to try setting the browser identification to Safari Desktop.

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    The nearest apple store or micro center or best buy is over 2 hrs away- and the ipads at walmart aren't try-able. Ah well, gives me a reason for a road trip, right? LOL

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    Went to Verizon last night, and tried the iPad out...When using Safari, I have to click the little html button on the forum, but it worked. The guy said if i download Firefox, i shouldn't have that issue! YAY! I am happy- I REALLY wanted an iPad rather than a laptop.

    iMac & iPad, here i come!!

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