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    3gs requirements
    Hey guys, already searched and found nothing. Thought I'd try here.

    I got a new 3gs for my wife as a gift. She has a Powerbook g4 purchased in August of '05 just prior to the Intel switchover. The iphone and Powerbook will not sync saying that she needs a newer version of itunes. I tried downloading the newest version of itunes but we are told her OS is too old to run it. Genius bar told us that she needs to upgrade to Leopard, because Snow Leopard will not run on her g4.

    If I purchase Leopard (not available from Apple so i'd have to get it from Amazon or similar--about $200), will I be able to get the newest itunes and sync her new iphone 3gs?

    I just want to confirm before I spend the cash. If not, the phone gets returned.

    Matt in Denver

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    System requirements for iTUnes 10.1.2 state OS 10.5 and G4 processor. You'll be fine
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    many thanks, schweb.

    is this what i need?

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