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ThePope43 02-13-2011 12:12 PM

Interested in learning to develop apps
I'm pretty much laid off until I start school this coming Fall so I've been really interested in developing applications and I was wondering what advice/tips any of you might have on getting started? I'm interested strictly in iOS, at least for now.

I'm going to be starting school for Computer Science/IT anyways so I'm sure it'll be a head-start into some programming.

Anyways, I know the road ahead will be rough and hard(thats what she said) so just let me know what advice you guys have.

louishen 02-13-2011 12:47 PM

Xcode is already an optional install on your osx disk. Other than that, get some books, trawl the apple developer site and join its forums. You should get more help there.

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