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Thread: disable the built-in ISight Skype?

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    Mar 25, 2007
    disable the built-in ISight Skype?

    I downloaded today the latest version of Skype (mac)

    and in the preference there isn't any option to enable/disable camera...
    could you tell me how can I disable the built-in ISight Skype camera please?

    thank you

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    Do you want to disable it so that you can use an external webcam? If not another webcam, for what purpose do you need to disable the camera?

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    if you dont want video to start when you are starting a call:

    go to Skype - preferences

    click the "calls" tab and uncheck "Start video Automatically."

    if you want to use a different camera, go to audio/video and pick your camera from the drop down menu.

    if your camera isnt there, make sure you have correctly installed the drivers for it.
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    I had the same issue. Just restart your computer. The camera should show up again.

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