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    App Marketing
    I've searched for a thread like this and didn't find anything.

    So I've released a couple of apps to the app store and I've seen the same thing happen to both of them. The first full day has a good number of downloads and then the starts to immediately taper off and eventually settles down to under 10 downloads per day. I've tried talking about the apps in forums, requesting reviews, posting to facebook & twitter, but nothing seems to keep the app downloads up. I'm assuming they start strong due to the newest released list as well as the trackers to monitor new apps. What, if anything has anyone else had success with in keeping their app downloads up? If you're interested in looking at the apps I've released, my username is the same as my company name. I'm not posting links here to ensure I am not killed for spam.

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    you should consider getting it reviewed by some well known app reviewers, host a giveaway, some interesting contests, that should keep the interest in your apps going on. Do you have an overview video of your app? That works wonders too

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    I recently read a developer blog (linked through a MacNN story) about this exact thing.

    Ah, yes, now I remember: It was about World of Goo and their experiences debuting on the iPad. Very instructive reading for all iOS developers, very candid (with charts, even!)

    2D Boy: I love you, 2D Boy! Blog Archive Analysis: World of Goo’s iPad Launch

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