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    How to get back previously purchased item which was free that time
    I downloaded an app which was on a free download offer for a limited time, my kid accidentally deleted and i don't have a backup, i know you can redownload them for free if you purchased, but in my case it is free when i downloaded and costs 2.35 now, i don't want to pay now.
    please tell me if i can download it free again?


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    Short answer: no. You might want to put a passcode on the screen so the kid doesn't get to do that again.

    Also, if it's something you obviously want very much, is "tipping" the developer $5 really too much to ask by re-buying it? I mean, that's the price of cuppa at Starbucks, you know? It's obviously a pretty good app since you want it so much, and I'm sure the dev would be grateful for the support, so just buck up and buy it again is my advice.

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