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    Upcoming Games
    I'm about to make the jump on Verizon for the new iPhone 4 and wondered if people had suggestions for games. Did a bit of research and saw that mostly EA Mobile and Gameloft titles are popular.

    I played with Angry Birds on my Android, but I'm also looking for what is considered "core" gaming. Dead Space and Infinity Blade look quite pretty.

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    soon to be another iMac owner
    nova 2
    modern combat 1,2
    call of duty:zombies

    these are a few i have been killing time with
    multiplayer obbviously

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    Infinity Blade is great and it looks absolutely awesome on an iPhone 4. Some people seem to expect a full-blown RPG though, it's nothing like that. It's a very repetitive story but it's highly addictive and there's some new content coming very soon. The 'Real Racing' games are good if you're into that (they also look great) and if you're into RPGs then 'Dungeon Hunter 2' gets very good reviews. I bought it recently but I've not really had time to play it yet. Just go wild in the app store, you'll find a few gems.

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