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    Question Appigo Todo Sync with iCal
    Hi all,

    I've been using Appigo Todo on iPhone and iPad for some time. I am currently using Appigo Sync in order to sync with my iCal calendars. Annoyingly, all my iCal calendars show up in Todo, which I really don't want. Is there a way to sync only selected calendars? Anyone know?

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    Hi - I noticed the same but I don't think there's anyway to specify which calendars are synced.

    Every time I deleted the extra calendars from the iPhone client, they just came back after another sync.

    So, seeing as the application is only for tasks and not events, I just place all of my tasks in the 'Inbox' calendar and just ignore the 'Home' and 'Work' ones on the iPhone.

    Slightly annoying but seeing as this is one of the only apps that allow syncing with iCal, it's worth it.

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