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    partitioned drive with itunes and OSX re-install
    Hello learned folk, heres my problem, i hope you can help:
    My old power PC imac G5 is pretty much used solely as my music player, i have a TB internal hard drive that is partitioned down the middle, with OSX.5 running on one, with my itunes music being located on the other. All has worked well with no problem, however, i recently re-installed the operating system (as it was playing up a little) on the partitioned drive and it worked a treat, i didn't touch the other part that has and still has my music collection. Now though i need itunes to 'see' and access my music folder the way it used to and hopefully retain my old playlists and playcounts etc, but i don't know how to do so.
    Also i was running time machine before i did these adjustments, so have backups aplenty.
    What should i do???
    Many thanks in advance


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    You just need to open iTunes and relocate your old library.
    You can then go into iTunes preferences and change where the library is kept. Look at this guide which will explain how. The way you have it set is basically like keeping iTunes on an external drive.

    Transferring your iTunes Library | iLounge Article
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