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    All of my Videos are Looping, How do I stop this?
    I don't know what I did... but all of my videos in the default "Video" app are all looping. When they reach the end they just go right back to the beginning and start over. At first it was just a harmless curiosity, but it's not going away and it's starting to get really annoying.

    I'm also doubly worried now because I looked it up and found out that apparently... iPads aren't supposed to be able to loop like this. There's no way to turn this feature on or off that I've been able to find. Can anyone help me figure out just what is going on?

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    Shouldn't make a difference but it's worth a look . . .

    Go into the iPod app and play a music track, make sure repeat isn't selected. Turn it on and off a few times and be sure it's off, now go back and try the video again.

    Like I say, these things should be unrelated but it's worth trying.

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