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    app to change details of file
    Hi All!

    I've set a task for myself to arrange and tidy up my music collection (and thats more than 10,000 files!) so I would like to know if there's an app out there that will change the actual details of the mp3 file, ie: album, year, artist, etc... So that iTunes can sort them properly.


    Oh, in addition, does anyone know if you can put a password on a folder like you can on Windows?

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    For the mp3 issue there are a few options.
    Tagr is very good, and free>

    Apple - Downloads - Audio - Tagr

    Or better, but not free (though a free trial) is Tune Up. Totally automated and very easy to use. Whether it's worth the $$ is debatable, because once you've done with what you need it for, you should have no further need for it.

    TuneUp | Digital Music Management & Music Discovery for iTunes & WMP

    Or you could just do it in iTunes yourself. Time consuming though!

    As for password protecting a folder. Here's one way that works well>

    How to Password Protect a File or Folder in Mac OS X Leopard |
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    i use beatunes. it sorts out discrepancies in your library, and can automatically find the tempo of your songs.
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    thanks guys, will check out the apps!

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