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Thread: iPhone Task/To-Do Manager

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    iPhone Task/To-Do Manager
    Hello all,

    I'm on the search for a new task/to-do manager app for my iPhone. I see so many out there, some free and most paid but am having trouble narrowing down one to choose.

    Before I state my requirements, a bit of a back-story. On my old Android phone (yes...awful, I know) I used ColorNote and another app that I can't recall. After getting my first iPhone last fall, I settled on SeizeTheDay, a free app that seemed pretty good. It lacked a couple of things I was looking for but for the most part, worked fine until a recent update.

    Here's what I need; Recurring tasks, Task Alarm with Snooze option, Low cost.
    Here's what I'd like; Categories, Notes, free.
    Here's whay I DON'T need; Sync, Use with Desktop application, high price.

    Hopefully someone can provide a suggestion for me. I read through a couple of threads but each seemed to refer to sync-specific tasks/to-do apps or those with high price and/or desktop counterparts. If this is somewhat of a re-post from a thread I failed to find, my apologies.

    Thanks in advance!
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    How many tasks do you normally have?
    I like 2do lite

    Here is the limitations
    What is the difference between 2Do Lite and the full version?

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