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    Mac App Store Question
    If you 2 Macs...can the apps you buy be used on 2 computers owned under the same Apple ID account?

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    It depends on the licensing agreement for the App that you buy. If it specifies more than one computer, then yes. Otherwise the answer is probably no. I may also depend on the App though.

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    Dec 30, 2009
    I downloaded Angry Birds for my iMac and copied it across to my MacBook on a USB drive and it works on both. Just had to sign into the same iTunes acct on the MacBook

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    I purchased iPhoto 11 on my mbp and installed it. When I opened the app store on the imac I went to iPhoto 11 and it gave me the option to install. Now it's on both machines. I thought I read somewhere that when you buy through the app store you can use the program on multiple computers on your network if you are signed in to the same Apple account.

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    Purchases from the Mac App Store will work on up to five *authorized* computers.

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