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Thread: Will the Mac App Store sync with Iphone

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    Will the Mac App Store sync with Iphone
    On my Iphone I have the Nutrition Menu Calorie counter. I notice it is also in the new Mac App Store.

    For those unfamiliar with this app, it is designed to help you keep track of your daily calorie count(keep the pounds off lol)

    Any idea of these app's can be synced? LIke if I enter my lunch at work in my iphone, will it than be synced on the app at home on the Imac? (giving my multiple ways to enter in my calories)

    Or are the app's completely independent?

    (If you dont know this app specifically, even if you generally know the answer as to whether you can sync up an Iphone app with the new apps in the Mac App Stoer I would appreciate it

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    As far as I am aware apps for iOS and apps for the mac are completely independent.
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    You need to head to the developers web site and check - the same as we would have to do.

    If the developers have thought it out, they'll have a way to sync between the 2 apps similar to the way 1Password can sync it's content between OS X, iPhone, iPad, and Windows.
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