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    Question Game saves from iPhone to iPad
    Just received an iPad for xmas (LOVE IT!) But I noticed when I transferred angry birds and Plants vs. Zombies to the iPad I lost all saved game data.

    This also happened to my GF who received a new iPod Touch. She lost all game saves. I assumed iTunes would transfer that data as well to the new device.

    am I wrong in this assumption? Is there an easy fix??

    Thanks in advance, and have a good New Year!
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    I switched from a iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 and the way I got my game saves to come along was to do a backup of my iPhone 3G and then restore that backup to the iPhone 4.

    But this requires that the 2 devices are at the same iOS version. Not sure how that works going from the iPhone to iPad..


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    The iPad uses different apps. Well, same app, different resolution. So when you bought Angry Birds for your iPad (HD), its not the same as Angry Birds. Same thing with the iPod Touch. Developers needed to update their apps so they can run on the retina screen.

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