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Thread: deleted ipod app on iphone!!

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    deleted ipod app on iphone!!
    My phone was jailbroken and I had 5 apps in the dock (phone, sms, mail, safari, ipod). I recently had had enough of staying with ios 4.0 (on my iphone 3g) and updated to 4.2. I kept all five apps in the dock when I did this, and now the ipod app is gone! It still exists, I can access it using the spotlight search. But I want the icon back...anyone have a solution?

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    Obviously a glitch when updating the software more than likely caused by the jailbroken software already on there. Try restoring to 4.2 again, hopefully this will sort the problem.
    Remember to backup your phone before doing this though

    - Simon

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    Try turing the 5 dock mod off in Winterboard and see if that helps. If it doesn't the only other thing you could do is restoring in iTunes. I know thats a pain, but if your patient another jailbreak will come out. Good luck.
    - Kyle

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