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Thread: To do app (sync with iPhone/iPad/google calendar)?

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    To do app (sync with iPhone/iPad/google calendar)?
    Is there a to do app that you recommend for the iPad that can also be synced with the iPhone without mobile me or through the computer? I also want it to sync to google calendar so I can type on a computer if I want to.

    I just bought 2do but it doesn't seem to carry these features. Also took a look at Awesome note. Both have good user interfaces but doesn't seem to carry these features?


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    I also use 2Do. I did see this right away so it appears you are correct:

    "However Google currently does not provide developers with a Task Syncing API and thus 2Do does not support syncing with Google."

    I have MobileMe so I will let someone else using Google answer this one!

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    If you Have a google account thenjust setting up google as you ema will let you sync with your google calendar. My only problem is setting up a calendar to share with my wives iPhone.

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    Maybe this will do the job .... Syncing between iPad / Ipod / Mac

    Things - task management on the Mac

    Have a look.

    Cheers ... McBie
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    I use GeeTasks on iPad.

    I also find Cloud Calendar seems better at syncing with Gmail Calendars, although you can import a Gmail calendar into iCal and the iPad Calendar App.

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    I've tried them all and can't find one I like. They all have an overly complex interface or are lacking features.

    Check out Evernote. It's free. iPhone & iPad apps, Mac and PC apps as well. Also accessible online from any device. Syncs in the cloud, and works very well overall.

    It makes notes rather than checklists, but I just create a note and jot all my ToDo's down in it. I delete them as I go about my day.

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