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    Quick iPod Question
    I have a iPod Touch I won as a door prize at an Xmas party. It's running version 3.1.3, and it's not dramatically slower than my iPhone 4. I'm worried that if I upgrade to 4.2, it'll slow down the way my iPhone 3 did after iOS 4.0. Should I notice much a difference, or will the advantages to 4.2 outweigh any slowdown I'll experience?

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    There were several good articles about upgrading the Touch and iPhone to iOS 4.X from 3.1.3 in MacWorld and Mac Life. Users stated the slow downs occurred when going to 4.1 but seemed to pick up again in 4.2. Most, however, wanted to go back to 3.1.3. Bottom line... I would stick with 3.1.3 for now. Future updates may improve things where it would be more advantageous to upgrade.

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