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Thread: gmail only stored in "All Mail" after fetching on the iPhone using imap

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    gmail only stored in "All Mail" after fetching on the iPhone using imap

    I'm using Gmail and iPhone 4.2.1. I'm managing gmail on the iphone using the Google Mail imap account.

    When my browser is open, new messages are delivered to the INbox, as well as to my 'All Mail' folder, which is normal behaviour. When I feth gmail on the iPhone, same thing: I see the messages in both folders.

    But, when my browser isn't open and I fetch new messages on the iPhone first, then these new messages are *only* stored in the "All Mail" folder and *not* in the INbox? Later, when I check in my browser, same thing: the fetched messages are missing from the INbox folder, and thus, I have a gap in the INbox.

    How can I fix this?


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    IMAP moves in mysterious ways. Sadly I can't help with your exact problem. I've wrestled with IMAP configurations on several platforms. Perhaps a more email savvy member will know better.

    However, I use Googles exchange server to handle gmail on my iPhone and have for months without any of the issues you are encountering. Perhaps it's worth switching to this? All the benefits of IMAp and Push email too.
    Google Sync for your phone

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