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    Has apple got rid of the background video feature?

    Before I upgraded to iOS 4.2 I was able to play a video press the lock button, double tap the home button and press play. This would play the audio of the video but would only show the video album cover.

    However now i have updated the software it seems to have stopped working. When I press play it plays then pauses it instantly.

    I hope they haven't got rid of it because it was a really good feature.

    Has anyone else found this??

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    Never knew of this feature, and I can confirm that it works on 4.0.1. Sorry can't help, but thanks for introducing it :/

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    Don"t think it was a "feature". More like a bug that has now been fixed.

    Most folks would be pretty upset if they started watching a video, then had to double tap the home button when they decided they needed to lock the screen. Only to find out when they pressed play again, they got no video.
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    That wouldn't happen. You had to sleep the iPhone or iPod them double tap the home button to bring up the iPod controls without unlocking the device.

    The great thing about it was you could listen to a video and still switch off the screen.

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    I agree, bug or not it was a handy feature for me too. I suspect this has been removed/fixed during the changes for AirPlay etc.

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