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Thread: iPhone and AT&T

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    iPhone and AT&T
    I just want to ask this question to the iPhone users in this board.

    Have you ever been frustrated by the AT&T service and poor network coverage?

    I am pretty sure that many of you would say 'yes' and I am one of those as well.

    I got my iPhone 3G in October 08. I live in a small town and the area is not covered with 3G network. About a year later after my purchase, a county next to where I live got 3G coverage. It has been over two years since I got my phone and I asked the AT&T reps more than a few times whether or not our area would be covered by 3G soon. The answer was unknown.

    There is an AT&T store in this small town and I got the service contract from this location. Verizon also has a store not far from AT&T store and they have 3G coverage in this town.

    Now 4G has been talked about, AT&T still claims they have the biggest network coverages.

    I love my iPhone dearly and cannot live without it now but I feel like I am paying way too much for this poor service and coverage.

    Please share your frustration with me so that at least I can feel a little better by knowing others complains.


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