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    Sep 01, 2009
    Music app either takes really long to open or just crashes
    okay its been like 5 days since I got my 2g ipod jailbroken and I just got around to putting in my songs. However, the music app thingo takes really long to do anything or just doesn't open. I've already shaved off like 2500 songs from my original 4k, so now I've only got 1.5k :/ Idk whats causing it, cuz my friend's one, which is jail broken as well, works just fine. Should I restore, or could there be something else thats causing this annoying lag?

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    Sep 01, 2009
    oh yeah, every other apps works fine except the music one :/ I was also able to play music before I got it jail broken

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    Sep 01, 2009
    hmm reverting my theme back to normal seemed to fix it. It's still a tad bit slow though . Kinda weird the theme lag only affected the music tho.

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